Life Passion….Everybody Has One, What’s Yours (2015)

Life’s Passion

 What is a life passion?  Most will tell you that it is a very strong desire to do “something” that pleases you, that is fulfilling and that brings you peace and joy.  Often times, a life passion is associated with a love for helping others or being artistic in some way or being responsible for creating or developing projects of some sort.

There is often a tendency to associate a life passion with something great or grandiose when really all that it should be, is something that brings so much joy that you do it just because….because it brings joy to someone else, because you were able to fill a need for someone and put a smile on someone else’s face, because it fills a void in your life. Whatever the reason, there is something that is so fulfilling about doing that you are passionate about when it truly and sincerely comes from the heart.  And, if you can make a living doing it…that is the best of all…who wouldn’t want to earn a living doing what they absolutely love to do?

There are several biblical interpretations that speak to this, but the one I find most fitting comes from the Holman Christian Standard Bible which says in Psalm 20:4 “May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose.”

This is really what is happening when you are being driven your passion.  It is a deep calling and desire to act on what your heart is telling you to do, pushing you to do. And yes, I truly believe that this is what we call, Purpose.

We often times also speak of passion and purpose in a more positive light.  We very rarely associate passion and purpose with harmful intentions, bad thoughts and actions and dare I say…..evil.

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp that at some twisted level, some people find passion and purpose in the evilest of deeds. That is a very frightening thought, but nonetheless it is very true.

Keep in mind, my blogs are intended to force you to evaluate yourself and ask of yourself the difficult questions to help you explore or expose your spiritual intentions. YOUR spiritual intentions will no doubt manifest in YOUR fleshly walk; good or bad.

Am I the only one speaking on this? Of course not.  There are those in the Religious community, Spiritualists, Educators, Philosophers, Psychologists, Life Coaches, etc whose passion is to speak on this subject and I respect them all and believe there is always room for more of this message.

Everyone one has a passion for something. Everyone was born with a desire that tugs at their heart, but again we tend to associate or speak of passion and purpose in a positive light.

We, as a religious and spiritual community have finally gotten to the point where we can acknowledge that evil spirits do exist and that you cannot have Good without Evil.  If you don’t have the opposite of the other, we would have nothing to compare.  We would not know what Evil looked like if we didn’t have Good and vice versa.

If I ask you right now, which Spirit are you, what would you say?  I won’t answer that.  You answer that.

When most of us think of evil, we think of the worst kind of evil.  The murderous, mentally deranged kind of evil that sends chills down your spine. I can’t imagine any of you out there coming even remotely close to that kind of evil, but what I am saying is that, the weak in spirit can become very vulnerable and fall victim to the malevolent forces of the world and if they’re not careful, their passions can become sick, murderous and devious in nature. And then, addictions follow, for those trying to escape the pain of their own immorality.  Sex addictions, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, body dysmorphic addictions (trying to physically change your appearance because you don’t like what you see), hoarding addictions and eating addictions.  I am sure there are more….

Most who fall victim may never rise to the level of committing egregious crimes and horrors against their fellow human being, but there are those that find themselves passionate about things like…getting in other people’s business.  They are passionate about making sure they are up on the latest gossip.  They are passionate about and take pleasure in seeing other people have bad misfortune.  They are passionate about breaking up happy homes and relationships.  They are passionate about spreading lies and rumors about others and ruining reputations.  They are passionate about keeping others from striving toward success.

There are those who are so passionate about their belief system to the point of being harassing to others.  There are those who are so passionate about making sure others are blamed for THEIR own irresponsible decisions and behaviors, instead of taking responsibility for themselves.  There are those who so passionate about talking a lot of “something” and doing a lot of “nothing”

There are those who are so passionate about where they see themselves morally that they have failed to realize that part of being a moral person is “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  I am sure that they would not like it if someone was in their space, challenging their beliefs, or lack of it, challenging their style, challenging their choice of companions, etc, etc.

Whatever happened to” those without sin cast the first stone”.  Either this world is full of a bunch of self-righteous fools who have forgotten that NO ONE IS WITHOUT SIN or they just like the feeling of hurling and being pelted by stones….I’m not sure which. I just know that the Weather Channel and all of its “Strange Weather”, “Tornado Alley” and Top Ten Worst Hurricanes, ain’t  got nothing on the Social Media Storm of insults, hate mongerers, threats, cyber- bullying, slanderous lies, scandals, gossip,  sexual deviancy etc, that some find so appetizing and just gobble up….with a passion.

When a law is being broken and YOURS or YOUR immediate families protection is threatened or YOUR rights are being violated, then there are steps that need to be taken to protect you and yours, including the right to defend yourself.  You also have the responsibility to preserve and protect human rights and civil liberties, but not at the expense of violating another person’s human rights and civil liberties.

In the most egregious violations of human rights and civil liberties then yes, a call to action may be in order. However, in the meantime, in YOUR daily everyday walk, live YOUR life according to God’s plan for YOU…in other words. Mind your own business.

I just don’t believe that God put you here to invade someone else’s space and run a daily commentary on social media on what’s wrong with “someone else’s life” or comment on how someone else is behaving or commenting on the company that someone chooses to keep.   Be positive and be about YOUR and God’s business and let others find their way according to God’s plan for their life.

The one thing you CAN do is be example to others of how to live right according to God, let your light shine and let those that have fallen short see you and follow your example.

Actions and behaviors like these are all caused by malevolent spirits whose sole purpose it to distract you from making the more positive, loving and productive contribution that God has tasked you with.  Evil exists only to bring chaos, grief, temptation and disruption to God’s plan and test YOUR will to stay focused on HIS plan for YOU.

So I ask again…… What is YOUR passion? What is YOUR purpose? What is YOUR heart’s desire?

What is mine, you ask?  Mine is doing exactly what I am doing.  I have always had a motivational and inspirational message that God placed in my heart and in this day and age of technology, I am using social media, to bring my message to the masses. I am not a scholor, I don’t have a ton of degrees, I have not written any books and I don’t claim to be anything other than who I am.   God chooses who HE chooses. No explanation needed, no certification or degrees required…period.

Everyone has a gift and a talent.  Don’t let your talent be used to perpetuate an evil or hateful Spirit.   Knowing and understanding your purpose is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  It gives you focus.  It gives you a reason to live; a reason to love. Part of this journey is finding out WHO YOU ARE, WHOSE YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE.

The Late Great World Renown Minister and Pastor, Bishop Myles Munroe once said, and I paraphrase, “there is a whole lot of talent 6 feet under”.  So many people have taken their dreams, visions and passions to the grave.  There are so many more untold stories of victory, there are so many  books never written, movies that never made it to the big screen, songs never sang, buildings never built, fashions never designed, artwork that never hung on a gallery wall, adventures never taken, causes never launched, revolutions never fought and movements that never took a step. These remained in the minds of beautiful and talented individuals who lost their way and lost their lives and never had a chance to realize who they really were in God. These were ideas, visions and dreams that God gave them but  never made it out of a beautiful mind and into our world.

These were LIVES that struggled just to survive; LIVES that were abused and beat down at the hands of someone who said they loved them; LIVES that were cut short by gun and gang violence. LIVES that were cut short by drug and alcohol abuse;  LIVES that were rotted out by disease  or from self-destructive behaviors and bad habits.  Some TOOK THEIR OWN LIVES, believing what they thought was the only way out and answered the call of the Demon of Suicide.

Some spent their lives peering through the bars of prison cells, incarcerated for a lifetime in dreary and drab, lifeless facilities, being marked by rooftop scopes, and being treated like animals, while their dreams slowly faded, only hoping and wishing they had another chance, wishing they had stayed sober, wishing they had someone who truly loved them unconditionally, wishing they had loved more, wishing they had made better choices…and then they died.  I recently heard on a report that over 80 percent of violent crime and crimes of passion is committed when someone is high or under the influence of some mind altering drug.

You can’t hear God speaking to you when your mind is in an altered state.  And  trust me, the voices you hear, are NOT Gods.  Make no mistake about it…God only speaks to clear minds and hearts.

I ask you again…What is your life passion? What is your purpose?  What is your heart’s desire?

As I stated in my previous blog and will continue to say, once you decide that you will accept, acknowledge and address what is going on in your life, that’s the time to take steps to change some things, (read my first blog Operation SLICE, Ready For Launch, On A Mission)  Change won’t be easy……It never is. Your transformation won’t start unless you start it.

Take for example the young man who has a passion for cooking.  He dreams of being a Gourmet Chef and hopes to one day own his own Gourmet Restaurant.  Right now he works as a French Fry cook at McDonalds.  He lives in a high crime area.  He gets bullied just for going to school.  His mother works 3 jobs and his father is in prison.  His brother is in a gang and his sister has a boyfriend that abuses her but she does her best to care for him while mom is working and she takes the abuse because he “provides” for her.

How do you SLICE through that….what’s the plan. It won’t happen by magic and it won’t happen overnight.

God has already given that young man the vision, the passion, the drive, the talent and the skill to follow the desire of his heart.  It’s already in him, just like it’s already in YOU to follow your heart’s passion, your heart’s desire.

Sometimes it is a lot to overcome but if HE brings you to it,  then he will bring you through it. As difficult as it may be, it is a life lesson that God wants you to learn.  It is in the midst of your pain and despair that you call on God and cry out…..Oh Lord why me…..and if you listen closely,  He will respond…..”because I have plans for you”.

Let’s SLICE IT UP….your comments are welcomed.

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