Operation SLICE – Ready To Launch and On a Mission (2015)


Operation SLICE – Ready to Launch and On A Mission

What is Operation SLICE?

Operation SLICE (Self-Love IS key to Changing Everything) is an effort to address what appears to be a climate of self-hate and self-destructive behaviors and actions that now defines a community.  We are witnessing the demise of a generation that was fortunate enough to have been born in a time where change was in their favor and was distant the bigotry, hatred, ridicule, racism, intolerance and disrespect that was hurled at their predecessors. But now it seems, these symbols of hatred and bigotry are becoming more of a reality in their lives, making their existence, even in 2015 all the more difficult.

The assaults on our neighborhoods from those within and from those who bring it there are two numerous to mention.  The death toll keeps climbing for a generation that most thought was our best hope for leveling the playing field.  A playing field with even more plentiful resources than we have ever seen.  Educational resources, Technological resources, Social media resources, business and financial resources are abundant but yet escape those who really need it or chose not  to seek it, even in 2015.

We live in a world full of random violence, a world where parents are killing their children and children are killing their parents, a world where are children are being victimized by the very adults that we entrust to protect them and keep them safe; a world where technology rules our inter-personal human interactions and relationships and where the ability to interact and communicate face to face is quickly becoming a thing of the past and where the pursuit of making money and the greed that fuels it, define our very nature.

We live in world where people first seek to escape from their pain by intoxicating themselves with powerful brain killing drugs, an over use of alcohol and worshiping idols made of metal, wood and flesh, in the form of celebrities, athletes and reality TV stars.  We chase unrealistic symbols of beauty, airbrushed to appear as if real life and as if all of life’s complexities will never know their name.  And suicide is now a viable option for those with no coping skills.  Life is full of ups and downs and somehow the message of our ancestors, forefathers and elders; perseverance, overcoming and learning from experience is not a value that is held with high regard in this generation.

People, particularly young people of color, are suffering from a massive inferiority and entitlement complex which appears to have inflicted seemingly irreversible psychological damage. A younger generation, in general that appears to have little to no identity and seems to be very comfortable allowing others to create and image and identity for them. An image, that is, in most cases, unflattering at best.

Some race to imitate their favorite magazine cover idol, musician or athlete and spend tons of money trying to duplicate the false, sprayed-on looks and manufactured bodies of their favorite celebrities, who will tell you in a second that it’s an image, not their reality.

Some display such an emptiness and superficial nature that forces them to rely so heavily and almost completely on other people’s opinion of them. If not validated properly, through their looks, their bodies, their money etc, they feel they are not worthy of success, not worthy of love, not worthy of respect and that their lives means nothing and is less valuable than the lives of others. In extreme and maybe not so extreme cases, some feel that if this is what their life is, hopelessly trying to chase or fulfill an unrealistic fantasy life, never being able to attain their fantasy goal, then no one else is worthy chase their very real dreams, goals passions or pursuits. And this twisted demonization of others may lead some to behaviors and attitudes of an anti-social nature, devaluing themselves in relation to others perceived successes, and lashing out in ways that can be very destructive to themselves and to others.  And in the worst cases there is an entitlement nature, where they feel that they are somehow entitled to everything and will try to obtain it…..money, love, material possessions, success, power…by any means necessary, no matter the cost or consequences.

There needs to be a healing that addresses the root cause, which I believe, is a lack of love for oneself and for God.  God is our Maker, the Almighty, the Creator, the One who IS by his very existence LOVE and HE created US with an innate ability to love ourselves and each other.

A very large part of our younger population have become non-believers….those who have given up on God and his amazing grace. Verbalizing there disbelief saying that if there was a God, how could he “allow these things to happen”. So they have chosen to worship in other ways, seeking to fill a void,  searching to find “something” to believe in.  A need to believe in something greater than themselves….but sadly, it is NOT God.

It is extremely sad that some can feel so lonely, helpless, hopeless and worthless that they will allow themselves to be disrespected in ways that are so ungodly. Some find themselves sliding into such a depraved state of human existence, that  they feel they have to do anything to survive. And honestly, most will tell you that, that is all they are doing is surviving.  I get it. Trust me I get it.  Surviving is sometimes all we can do.

Unfortunately, un-ending cycles of “just surviving” are manifested and lasts generations.  Cycles of prostitution, drug abuse and addiction, domestic violence, crime,  incarceration, unrelenting poverty, unstable and dysfunctional relationships, generational welfare, illiteracy, severe economic hardship and indiscriminate and unprotected sex, leading to additional children born in this cycle and may not ever have an opportunity to break it.  These are all manifestations of a life gone horribly wrong.  Some, quite frankly, is no fault of their own.

How does it stop.  Who is going to stop it.  It only takes ONE.  It only takes ONE to decide say “it’s gonna stop with me”  That is where your transformation begins.

This is not a reflection of the entire younger populous or nation as a whole, of course.  It is a general observation. There are some very respectful, hardworking, intelligent, well-adjusted young people, who know who they are, what they want and where they are going, They have not all come from two parent households and some may have even come from dysfunctional family situations, but they have been able to overcome, succeed, do well and thrive.

However, those that have not been able to embrace their true self, know their gift or find their passion, are in dire need of a transformation that can only come from an understanding and knowledge that the validation and love they seek comes from within and is rooted in the love we have for ourselves, which is God’s love. “He who has no love has no knowledge of God, because God IS Love” (1 John 4:8).

 Where does Operation SLICE fit in?

Now as an Inspirational and Motivational blogger, I will admit that my noted observations a bit on the extreme end of the spectrum and are not very inspiring or motivating. But here’s what is…..

It is my hope that my blog along with others who motivate the Spirit will help people recapture their self-worth through God’s love. That they will transform their mind, think clearly and stay focused on discovering or re-discovering God’s plan for their lives and move forward in their destiny. My hope is that this message of Operation SLICE will be spread one person at a time, each being inspired to look within themselves and make a change for the better.

I will be blogging on a variety of subjects that some will find very difficult to discuss, however, they are meant to start a conversation with YOURSELF. The goal is to reach those that can relate and who may need an extra push to help them acknowledge and address the issues, behaviors and lifestyle choices that have led or will eventually lead to destructive acts; if not towards themselves, then possibly towards other persons or property, I want to help them SLICE through the barriers that have kept them or that continue to keep them from moving forward in God’s plan for their lives. I want you asking yourself the questions “Do I love myself more than the situation or circumstance I find myself in” and “Am I living God’s purpose for my life, and if not, why not”.

In making the decision to move forward, it is very important to recognize those persons, places, things, activities, habits, behaviors etc that are keeping you bound and stale; not allowing you to move forward, not allowing you to renewing or re-invent yourself into that better, more focused person that God wants you to be.  Once you have found your passion and have made the decision to walk on YOUR path, and allow God to order your steps, it will be necessary to make personal changes in your surroundings, including your social circle, your friends, family, neighborhoods, maybe even your church, your colleagues, your job and maybe even your city.  Some changes need to be made in order to find your peace and focus on your gift and your passion.

Sometimes you will have to tell those who have no direction, but who want to keep you from growing….to “GIT” cause God’s In This”. God is working with you and is transforming you and you don’t need to be distracted by haters, liars, cheaters and by those that envy you for your awakening and by those who want you miserable and depressed because their life is miserable and depressing.

By the way….“GIT”…. God’s In This… is also my creation.  Visit www.godsinthis.com to know more.

Remember, God has created you in HIS image and that image is of Love.  We can’t begin to love one another, the animals, the environment or appreciate God’s universe until we love ourselves and realize that ALL of Gods’ creation is here for a reason and we ALL have a unique role to play in HIS plan.

God has given you a unique talent, gift or skill which only you possess. And that gift is what should drive you. It should wake you up in the morning. It’s your purpose. It’s your destiny…if you embrace it and allow God to use it for HIS good.            

So with that, I invite you to SLICE IT UP with Ms. Diva Dee. I am READY FOR LAUNCH and ON A MISSION  to encourage everyone to love themselves because if you haven’t already figured it out…..

Self-Love Is key to Changing Everything

To know more visit www.Operationslice.com.

Operation SLICE and GIT are projects of D.R. Fulton Enterprises


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